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Sunday, February 17, 2019
1 Chinese yuan (Renminbi) = 9.79 Russian rubles
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Conversion Guide for Printing
From Renminbi (CNY) to Russian rubles (RUB)
1 Renminbi9,79 Russian rubles
5 Renminbi48,93 Russian rubles
10 Renminbi97,87 Russian rubles
50 Renminbi489,34 Russian rubles
100 Renminbi978,67 Russian rubles
500 Renminbi4.893,35 Russian rubles
1000 Renminbi9.786,70 Russian rubles
5000 Renminbi48.934 Russian rubles
10000 Renminbi97.867 Russian rubles
50000 Renminbi489.335 Russian rubles
From Russian rubles (RUB) to Renminbi (CNY)
1 Russian rubles0,10 Renminbi
5 Russian rubles0,51 Renminbi
10 Russian rubles1,02 Renminbi
50 Russian rubles5,11 Renminbi
100 Russian rubles10,22 Renminbi
500 Russian rubles51,09 Renminbi
1000 Russian rubles102,18 Renminbi
5000 Russian rubles510,90 Renminbi
10000 Russian rubles1.021,79 Renminbi
50000 Russian rubles5.108,97 Renminbi