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British Pound to Chinese yuan (Renminbi)

Sunday, November 29, 2020
1 British Pound = ¥ 8.75 Renminbi
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From British Pounds (GBP) to Renminbi (CNY)
1 British Pounds8.75 Renminbi
5 British Pounds43.76 Renminbi
10 British Pounds87.52 Renminbi
50 British Pounds437.58 Renminbi
100 British Pounds875.17 Renminbi
500 British Pounds4,375.84 Renminbi
1,000 British Pounds8,751.69 Renminbi
5,000 British Pounds43,758 Renminbi
10,000 British Pounds87,517 Renminbi
50,000 British Pounds437,584 Renminbi
From Renminbi (CNY) to British Pounds (GBP)
1 Renminbi0.11 British Pounds
5 Renminbi0.57 British Pounds
10 Renminbi1.14 British Pounds
50 Renminbi5.71 British Pounds
100 Renminbi11.43 British Pounds
500 Renminbi57.13 British Pounds
1,000 Renminbi114.26 British Pounds
5,000 Renminbi571.32 British Pounds
10,000 Renminbi1,142.64 British Pounds
50,000 Renminbi5,713.18 British Pounds